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Aug 04, 2009 at 11:00 AM



Now then,

I have searched high and low for any information on the BAPI - BAPI_VENDOR_CREATE.

It seems that this BAPI only calls the transaction XK01. I need to be able to create vendor master

data from say an uploaded excel spreadsheet.

I could use the BDC method but as you know this is a very time consuming way.

I have also searched via SE37 for any existing FM's and can only find a very limited few which

again call XK01.

There must be a definitive answer as to why there is no bapi to create a vendor from scratch

i.e. just like you would use a bapi to create a purchase order.

If it cant be done then it can't be done. But there must be a reason as why there is no FM or

BAPI to create a vendor.

Hope this makes sense