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Former Member
Aug 04, 2009 at 09:53 AM

Role egeneration error in ERM


Hi Experts,

I have couple of issues in ERM

1. I have created a system landscape with 2 systems A (Development)& B(Production system), with A assigned to Role generation action and B assigned to Risk Analsysis, system A is not existing in Compliance calibrator, and when I try to generate role it gives errror as System A is not existing in Riskanalysis and remediation, when i change the landsacpe and assign Role generation action to System B, then it is allwoing me to generate the role in System B, is this the way it works? or Am i missing anything?

I want to generate the role in Devlopment system not in Production, Do I need to Set a Connector for my Development system in Comaplinace calibrator Production system?

2. When I create a role and generate and again open the role for changes, the descriptions for Authorization Objects are changing for example , S_TCODE in my system i see the description as *IS-H: Authorization Visit Scheduling* instead of Transaction Code at Start, what could be the issue, I have reimported the Transactions/Fields/Orgvalues also I have reloaded all caches and Updated too, still getting error.

Please sugest for above