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Spam comments on blogs

It looks like spam comments are coming into blog posts. Isn't there a spam filter or moderation on newly created users to prevent DDOS attacks that used to happen on SCN Jive?

See the following spam comment from Former Member in this blog post.

spam.png (26.0 kB)
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  • Hi Jerry

    For transparency sake, would be good if you can submit an answer (as Steve suggested) providing the reference issue number for this matter.

    This way, I can check in the Release Notes when this issue is fixed, and if it happens again after it's fixed, I will reopen the issue.


    Eng Swee

  • Ah. Well, in that case maybe I shouldn't close this just yet...

    As I noted, we have reported this issue. The next step would be evaluating this against other priorities so we can set a realistic expectation about when a fix would be made.'s premature for me to share the issue I don't have one just yet. When I have one, I'll come back, add it, and submit it as an answer so we can close out this question. For now, it's probably best to leave it open.

    Best regards,


  • Ok that's fine. Will keep it open till you have an update.

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