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Aug 03, 2009 at 10:50 PM

Posting Depreciation for last year in the current year



We have a situation in which we have to book depreciation for assets that were put into service since last year in the current year. The depreciation expense was accrued and reported when the year was closed out. However SAP wouldnt allow us to calculate the depreciation for anything before 01/01/2009. The assets were put into service in July of last year and hence we need to post 6 months of depreciation that we accrued last year in this posting period (when we will be capitalizing those assets). How do we go about doing this?

Here is what we tried:

1. Manual Depreciation: Doesnt work. The depreciation key we are using (LINA) doesnt allow manual depreciation

2. Changing the ordinary dep start date: You can change this date to last year but it wont calculate the depreciation from last year. It just starts the useful life from last year. The depreciation that is being caught up starts from 01/01/2009

3. Unplanned Depreciation: This is not an option because it goes to a different G/L account. The client wants it to be in the regular depreciation expense account only.

Any suggestions?