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Aug 03, 2009 at 07:05 PM

CR XI Issue with Stacked Bar Chart


I'm hoping this question is easy.

I'm having trouble creating a stacked bar chart.

I want to do a Bar Chart which will show one "Bar" for each Priority (Priority 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) and then for each Priority divide out, by color, the Status (Submitted, Reviewing, Working, Testing....).

For example, let's say that there are 10 Priority 1 records. Of those 10, 5 have a Status of Submitted, 3 are being Reviewed and 2 are being Tested. Then the Priority 1 bar should show a count of 10 which is comprised of 3 colors which will correspond to the 3 Statuses that make up the 10 Priority 1 records.

I can't get the Stacked Bar Chart to display this correctly.

In the Chart Expert, the Data Tab says:

-- On change of: Priority - Ascending

-- Show Value(s): Count of Status

When I run the CR, it get's the Priority correct and I see the total for each Priority. But it does not then take each Bar and color code by Status.

Any ideas how to get it to do that?