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Former Member
Aug 03, 2009 at 04:43 PM

Valuation on movement 122


Hi experts,

My issue is related to valuation on movement 122.

I've made a PO for 100 Kg. The net price is 1,00 u20AC/kg and it has delivery cost of 50 u20AC. After releasing, I've made the reception of the material for 150 u20AC (100 + 50) - this 50 u20AC of delivery cost ar from another vendor.

After movement 101, the MAP for this material is 3,97 u20AC.

No I want to return 10 Kg, and I'll do a 122 movement. The system returns the 10 kg, but the value is not correct. Instead of only returning 10 u20AC/kg (unit price from PO), it returns 10 u20AC + 5 u20AC from the delivery cost.

This 5 u20AC aren't suposed to be returned because I only return the material, not the freight.

Is this the usual behaviour? How can I change this?

Many thanks,

Afonso Pereira