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Former Member
Aug 03, 2009 at 02:46 PM

Invalid property trying to get a Recordset


Hi all,

I don't found a solution for this my issue... I hope can you explain me what's wrong.

I've this object:

SBObob _oSBObob = (SBObob)company.GetBusinessObject(BoObjectTypes.BoBridge);

This bit of code work properly and return a Recordser matching the query (quotation.FederalTaxID = IT00000000003"):

Recordset rs = _oSBObob.GetObjectKeyBySingleValue(BoObjectTypes.oBusinessPartners, "FederalTaxID", "IT00000000003", BoQueryConditions.bqc_Equal);

But... the next one give me an error:

Recordset rs = _oSBObob.GetObjectKeyBySingleValue(BoObjectTypes.oQuotations, "Ref2", "46", BoQueryConditions.bqc_Equal);

It uses the same syntax of the previous query, but I get an error:

Property "Ref2" for "Document" is invalid.

I tried querying other properties, also... but with the same error ever.

Have you an idea to help me to solve this problem?

Very thanks.