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Sep 12, 2018 at 09:25 PM

SAP GUI 7.50 - SAP R/3 - Excel macro fails


Hello all,

We have a process that uses Excel files that have VBA macro code that logs into SAP and then executes a function module by RFC to validate the data in the file.

Since installing the 750 GUI, from 740, we are experiencing an error in the VBA code RFC_NOT_FOUND.

I am connecting and processing via BDC table but when I get to ""

it blows up with above exception. Does anyone have examples of what I need to change in the vb code to get this working ?

I have read several notes that talk about replacing the classical RFC with NWRFC. But I haven't read anything that gives the details about how to do that. 2417687 2256415 1025361