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Aug 03, 2009 at 01:44 PM

link from IS-U connection object to email from marketing campain


Hi all,

I've a problem with emails from marketing campains in WebUI.

If you send an email from such a campain, it is linked at the contact historie of the receiving BP.

But we need an additional link from the IS-U connection objects of this BP to this email.

I implemented the badi CRM_MKT_MODIFY_ORDER to add the link in the docflow segment.

but now there a two mistakes. from the contact history of the BP the link still starts BT126H_MAIL, but only the part "references" is filled with BP, contact, res.employee and header data of the marketing campain. The email block is empty although the mail was sent correctly. Why am I losing the reference to the the email/smartform?

the second mistake is even more curious to me. in the contact history of the connection object is a link to the email created. But the link leads to component BT126H_APPT although its category is email.

Any idea, what's my mistake?



Edited by: Martin Knittel on Aug 3, 2009 5:11 PM:

I solved problem no 1. Forgot a partner dataset in the badi.

But need still your help with problem no 2. Why is there a link to BT126H_APPT instead of BT126H_MAIL?