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Aug 03, 2009 at 01:24 PM

Portal integration: Navigation from Web Dynpro to other iviews



I am trying to implement a navigation from my web dynpro application (which is embedded in our corporate Netweaver portal) to another portal iview.

Therefor I use the "absolute navigation" functionality:


CALL METHOD lo_portal_manager->navigate_absolute




By hitting a button in the web dynpro this functionality is executed but nothing happens.

The iview defined as target is not called.

The SAP documentation ( says, the "Absolute address, path for page or iView in the portal content directory. " should be defined as target.

Address, for example ROLES://portal_content/...

I also copied the address from the portal content directory, but it always starts with "pcd:portal_content" and not with "ROLES://portal_content/".

Is this an issue of the portal or of the method call?

Thank you a lot in advance...


Stefan Löhlein