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Former Member
Aug 03, 2009 at 12:00 PM

Regarding OVS


Hi All,

I have an ALV. One of the fields of this ALV has hyperlink. Upon tihs link link, i'm opening a popup for another ALV as component usage. In this ALV, for one field I have used OVS. For the first time, F4 help is shown. When I close the popup, and

open it again using hperlink, when I click the F4 help, It is showing the following message.

OVS_PRACTICE is the component usage name.

" Input help not possible. Component usage OVS_PRACTICE does not exist. "

For the second time, this OVS event for that ALV is not getting triggered.

The node is static, and gave he OVS name for that field of the node.

Is OVS instantiation is required to be created everytime.

Is there any way to provide the OVS dynamically for that column.

Any inputs on this.