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Aug 03, 2009 at 10:40 AM

activity relation using bapi bapi_network_maintain


hi gurus,

i wrote a upload program to create relation between the activities using the bapi bapi_networ_maintain .

I used refnumber Objecttype method object key

000001 NetworkRelation CREATE FS0000600001610280

000000 save

for i_method_project table

object key is formed with the combination of

wa_tab-relation_type wa_tab-net_pd wa_tab-activity_predecessor

wa_tab-net_sc wa_tab-activity_successor INTO w_objkey

here in my program objectkey value is obtained from the bellow values.

wa_tab-relation_type value is 'FS'

wa_tab-net_pd VALUE is empty (there is no value for this field in excel sheet)

wa_tab-activity_predecessor value is ' 000060000161'

wa_tab-net_sc value is empty ((there is no value for this field in excel sheet)

wa_tab-activity_successor value is ' 0280'

when i run the program I am getting the bellow error ..........

An incorrect object key was entered for object type Relationship

kindly sugest the solution for my problem.

thanks in advance,