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Aug 03, 2009 at 09:55 AM

Conceptual issue



Iu2019m giving my first steps into Business Workflow, and there is a small doubt that I would like to clarify, perhaps someone can help me.

Today there is a restricted number of users creating entities (Customers and suppliers) in SAP ERP, they receive the information in Excel format from a sales person, and insert it into the system, making the information effective.

What we now pretend to do is, implement the process so the sales person can start the process through the Portal, fill a form with all necessary data, submit it, and then the person that today insert it, only has to check and approve or reject (workflow).

The sales person will submit entities using a Visual Composer application available in the Portal, which will call an RFC to create the entity in the SAP ERP.

This all works ok without workflow, now come the conceptual issue: if I want to assign a workflow to this process (entity creation), is it necessary to create a temporary area (table), where the data submitted by the sales person will be kept, before approval, and only then inserted into the standard SAP tables? Or SAP Business Workflow manage this automatically, the record is inserted into standard table and kept in a status (not released), until be approved or rejected, guarantying the information will not be available in other programs while in this status?

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