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Aug 03, 2009 at 08:43 AM

Error message "AAPO107" when perform Intercompany Asset Transfer in ABT1N


Hi Expert,

Error below prompted when i transfer one aseet no from one company to another company :-

" Error during acquisition transfer: Depr. area does not exist

Message no. AAPO107 "

I noticed the receiving asset and sending asset having different depreciation area,

Sending asset = depn area 01, 02

Receiving asset = depn area 01 only

I read thought the similar thread and solution given are activate the similar depreciaion area (OAYZ) and automatic open new depn area (AFBN).

AFBN is running by chart of depreciation and depn area. This error is just for one asset under one small company. By running AFBN, it will impact whole group of company (with million million of asset) and i do not want that. Is it any way i can insert a new depn area (02) just to the receiving asset without running AFBN ? Any shortcut way to insert the new depn area (02) row in asset master depreciation area (AS02) ?

Many thank.


Woon Peng