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Aug 03, 2009 at 03:12 AM

Java Scheduler: Tasks


Dear All,

I am a newbie who hasn't done any real development on SAP. I am just going through the SAP training and try to get into the world of SAP. I have a question to you guys which can be really naive; but please be kind enough to reply.

I can find "Java Scheduler" inside Operations Management -> Jobs which could possibly be used to schedule a task. Actually I would like to schedule a BPM process using the Java Scheduler. After going through the GUI, I got a feel like the deployed DC's will come under the Job Definition and you can add a task based on the Job Definition and select a schedule.

But I would like to confirm with you whether my above assumption is correct and do we need to do something to make the job appear in the job definition?

Thanks a million for your help.