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Aug 03, 2009 at 02:01 AM

Offers in Money Market


In Money Market module we create offers from various business partners

using t-code TMCA. Then we execute the order using t-code TMCB.

When we execute TMCB, the system allows us to accept only one offer in

its entirety. But due to Investment policy within the company, which

allows us to invest with one Business partner subject to amount

restrictions(not more than 5% of investible funds), we would like to accept multiple offers partially.

For e.g. if we received two

offers for 10M from Business Partner BOFA and UBS. We want to invest

part of the money with BOFA and another part with UBS as we have

already reached the limit fixed for BOFA,( even though the rate

offered by BOFA is better.) But once we execute BOFA's offer, a

contract is created for the full 10M and we do not have the opportunity

to correct it on the TMCB screen. I go to FTR_EDIT screen and change

the amount to 5M.Now when I come back to the TMCB screen, it does not

allow me to execute the offer from UBS into a contract and I get a

message 'Contract 1000000000007 already exists for the offer'

This is a standard requirement, I guess, with every customer of SAP. Is

there any solution from SAP for this?