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Aug 02, 2009 at 10:50 PM

Foreign currency run


Hi All,

We have a situation where in we would like to valuate all documents on an account irrespective of document currency.

We have 3 currencies maintained in the system -- doc currency, company code currency and global currency.

Company code currency is CAD and global currency is USD.

The line items on the GL account receives postings both in CAD and USD as the document currency.

Say, the account has just 2 postings as given below:

Posting 1: 100 CAD (doc curr), 100 CAD (comp curr) and 95 USD (global curr)

Posting 2: 200 USD (doc curr), 210 CAD (comp curr) and 200 USD (global curr)

We want the F.05 run to valuate 310 CAD (total of comp curr) and 295 USD (total of global curr)

Is this possible?