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Aug 02, 2009 at 04:10 PM

Demand Planning Locking in Mass Processing and Interactive Planning



I have scenario where 1 planning area is created for 1 Region.In that Region there are 2 countries for example say country X and country Y.Conutry X starts working 5 hours before country Y.

Every day there is data upload from BW to APO.There are 2 options of loading the data and demand plan backround processing.

Option 1 : Create 1 job (Job_Up) for data upload for both the coutries and 1 job ( Job_Bg ) for Background Demand Plan processing.Planners of 2 countries can't start using interative planning until ( Job_Bg ) is completed.That means if ( Job_Bg ) run goes beyond the start time of country X, Country X can't work,which is saying country X can't work because Country Y data upload & Backround Process is going as part of same jobs (Job_Up & Job_Bg ).

Option 2 : Create 2 jobs for data upload 2 countries say Job A for Country X and Job B for Country Y and 2 Jobs for Background Demand Planning Job C for Country X and Job D for Country Y.

Now as soon as the Job A and Job C gets over the Country X can start working.And then Job B and Job D would complete for country Y to start working.

Now question is what is the impact of Country X start using Interative planning screen when Job B or Job D for country Y is still running and remember both of them are sharing same planning area.

Also while creating Job C and Job D,unique selection id's for the respective countries have been assigned distinguished by the country as characteristic in POS.

Both coutries share same 1 planning Book and 1 Data View and macros have been written on that 1 data view.