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Customer Returns

Hi! All,

Can anybody freeze outs the process flow for Customer Returns.



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3 Answers

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    Aug 02, 2009 at 09:37 AM


    Below is the process flow for returns:

    Step 1- Create Sales Order - Transaction code VA01and document type OR

    Step 2 - Create Delivery with reference to order - Transaction code Vl01n and document type LF

    Step 3 - Create Invoice with reference to delivery - Transaction code VF01 and document type F2

    Step 4 - Release the invoice in to accounting. Transaction code is VF02

    Step 5 - Create Return Order with refernce to order or invoice - Transaction code VA01 and document type RE

    Step 6 - Create Credit for retuns with refernce to return Order - Transaction code VF01 and document type is CR.

    Step 7 - Release the the credit for returnsin to accounting. Transaction code is VF02

    This is the total process for return.

    I think this willc larify your doubt. Any query than please post further.



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      Also please find below the return process with quality:

      Return Process for the materials :

      Step u2013 1: Before returning the goods (i.e. before creation of return order)

      Create master inspection characteristic (if not there):

      In QS21

      enter ,plant, quantitative indicator,status,upper ,lower limit, wattage ,decimal point save it.

      then go to QP01 go for assign the quality plan in that enter material,plant,then enter

      give control key go to task list give usage as 5,status as released 4

      then go to inspection characteristic quantitative data,MIC,control indicators,catlogs,sample assign all these in the inspection plan save it

      material is saved with inspection plan

      Than in MM02 quality management view go to inspection setup click on inspection type assign 05 inspection (inspection for other goods receipt) then activate post to inspection type,ins with material spec,insp with task list specification. Check chara, skips allowed, and automatic usage decision then save it.

      in inspection type system will show two inspection setup(04,05)

      then save it

      Step u2013 2:

      Give serial number profile in material master record of the respective materials (i.e. 0004) for the respective material if not there.

      Than create return order with respect to main order. Save it.

      Than create return delivery. Than go to Extras --- Give the required serial numbers.\

      Than do Post Goods Receipt.

      Than create the return invoice.

      Step - 3: After returning

      In QA32 lot will be created

      Go toQA32 enter plant, material, origin as 5 press F8

      Assign inspection plan, sample save it,

      Records the results give usage decision, post the stocks in to unrestricted, save it.

      Hope this helps you a lot.



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    Aug 02, 2009 at 05:11 PM

    Hi All

    See there are 2 cases,

    1) Complaints

    in this scenario, customer is not sending us the goods back so the process stated above works fine.

    2) Returns

    In this scenario, customer can return

    i) either all goods

    ii) partial quantity

    so whn we create return delivery with respect to order, after that we have to go for PGR(inward movement of goods) after that we go for quality inspection Qe32( here we give give comments for return) and after this we go for credit memo with respect to order.

    In pharma industry qe32 is not given GAP compliance so we use qe51 and rest process is same.

    please keep in mind, for returns we can have further 3 scenarios

    1) whole batch stock is defected

    2) only customer order was defected

    3) customer order stock is reusable

    according to above scenarios we have to decide process flow further.

    Hope this helps.



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    Aug 02, 2009 at 11:36 AM

    Thanks Ashis

    Can you explain how it has link with Quality.

    While Returning back our Org. from a customer Quality will be Inspecting for the defect happens.

    How this accounts in System.

    Can you Explain me how SD and QM integration happens in Customer Returns

    Thanks and regards,


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    • Former Member


      It depends on your movement type you have assigned in scheduline category.

      The scheduline category for return is DN. Inside that what movement type it is there.

      - Blocked stock returns (non-valuated, not unrestricted-use) (movement type 651)

      - Unrestricted-use stock (movement type 653)

      - Quality inspection stock (movement type 655)

      - Blocked stock (movement type 657)

      Based on movement type the return goods will move to respective stock.

      If inside DN you have assigned 655 movement type that it will go to quality stock.

      Hope it will helps you.