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Aug 02, 2009 at 05:06 AM

Production Journal Entry


I created a production order with a few component items setup at standard costs. After completing a Receipt for Production I noticed the JE it created lumped the credit for the standard costs items into one G/L account. I need this credit to be broken out by the different GL accounts I specified on the item groups which I assigned each of the standard cost component items. Below is the relevant setup information.

The component items are assigned different item groups which have different GL accounts specified for the "Expense Account".

Component items are setup as with Backflush Issue Method.

My setting under Admin/Sys Init/Gen Settings > Inventory tab for "Set G/L Accounts By" = Item Group.

The GL account SAP used to credit the amount of the standard cost component items is not assigned to any of the item groups. However, upon reviewing the G/L Account Determination window I noticed it was the GL account I had assigned to the "Expense Account" on the Purchasing tab.

Why did SAP ignore my setting to use accounts from the Item Group on the production order?

Is there another way to get SAP to allocate the credit amount for my standard cost component items to different GL accounts?

I posted this on the regular SAP forums and they suggested I post it here for some reason. ????