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Aug 01, 2009 at 05:23 AM

Couple of question about Oracle with SAP


I am Angeline Purnama,

I was looking your answer above question, your answer is soooooooo good, I like that.... I have some confousing about oracle datbase...

In SAP NW2004s

I forget username for sqlplus I never open that, so what is the normal user ID for sqlplus and password...

1. When I goto DataBASE instance in Windows Env. I can see some folder like sapdata1, sapdata2, sapdata3, sapdata4

it contance almost 20GB size of HDD what is basically inside ?

2. How to Use BR* Tools, thats really confouse and I read lot of sdn help but still confouse

how to setup step by step ?

3. I forget basically my sqlplus username and password: you said you can go to look at SAPUSER table... but when I see that using Tr: SE16 that table doesn't exist...

4. I want to get view one table name is XI_AF_MSG this is XML table I am not sure where is that table located...

5. Why everyday archived background job are running and keep archived data ?

Thanks in Advanced...

Angeline Purnama