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Jul 31, 2009 at 09:26 PM

Report not being written to network storage


Hello again everybody,

My application provides the user with "on demand" report displays, which, after much mucking around are now working reliably (again). The last thing the application does is create a set of CSV files and write a set of reports to a couple of network storage locations. My problem is that one of the reports never shows up in its network folder. Or any network folder as far as I can tell.

When I request the "on demand" version of the report, it's displayed onscreen correctly via a form using the Crystal Reports Viewer control. When the application creates it, it's MIA.

The other six reports in the various network locations are all present and accounted for. I've tried to debug this by displaying status message boxes, and the information they show me is correct (report pathnames, destination pathnames, report file names, parameters, database connections, etc). I have try/catch structures in every subroutine and function and log errors to a DB table, but never receive any errors; at runtime or in the database table.

The report also works fine via the CR IDE.

One final brain teaser - the application works perfectly in my development environment, both in Debug mode and when the application has been built. The problem shows up when I move to a Test environment. I repeat: the other reports are generated without fail...

Development environment:

Windows XP Pro SP 3

VB .NET 2003

Oracle 10g

CR XI Rev 1

Test Environment:

Win Server 2003 SP 2

Oracle 10g

CR XI Merge modules


Mark Baran

Senior Analyst / Developer

American Agricultural Insurance Company, Inc.