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Former Member
Jul 31, 2009 at 01:59 PM

MMBE output problem


Hi ,

When we are reserving materials through maintenance order (IW31),

we can see the reserved quantity through MMBE.

but the unrestricted quantity remains the same and does not reduce.

This is not correct. If we are reserving a material in the maintenance

order, then its unrestricted quantity should reduce and the reserved

quantity should increase.

This is not happening in our current scenario.

For e.g

if there is a material A and it has unrestricted quantity as 2.

If i reserve 1 quantity through maintenance order.

Then its unrestricted quantity should reduce to 1 and reserved quantity should increase to 1.

but when we view the MMBE transaction, it shows quantity 2 in unrestricted and 1 in reserved.

Shouldn't the unrestricted quantity reduce to 1??

Please advise.