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[BUG] Unable to edit comment to question!

I am unable to edit my comment to question (not comment to answer or comment to comment ... to answer):


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  • I was about to report inability to a moderator to convert an answer to a comment, when I saw this thread. So, at least, smart search functionality is working fine :)

    But, back to the question, I can understand the reasoning of not able to edit a question, which was answered, but a comment should remain editable. Also, the possibility to convert comment to answer and vice versa should be restored to moderators.

  • Eli Klovski With the new site design the comments are more or less useless. Now you can't reply to comment!

  • Yes, I noticed this as well. I know there was a long discussion about this when the new (not so new anymore) platform was introduced back in 2016, but the recent upgrade is not an improvement from my perspective, especially for a moderator.

    By the way, I speak only of functionalities which disappeared (and hopefully will be restored, as I happen to understand that this is not final yet), while the current design, though a bit unusual, I find it much more practical than the old one. Now, the space is used more efficiently.

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    Posted on Sep 19, 2018 at 03:52 PM

    In preparation for several of the changes coming to the platform this is actually by design. One of the feedbacks from the community has been users editing and removing the content of a question once answers have been given thus leaving an answer with no context. To address that we are making multiple setting changes to the editing ability and one of those is this particular one. So it's not a bug it's just a bit out of context at the moment while the other changes have not fully rolled out yet.

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    • It might be an answer but not an answer to this question. :) And this is not about "liking" an answer. Sorry but in this case Vadim asked about one thing (editing a comment) but you've replied about a different thing (editing a question).

      For example, imagine in ABAP tag someone would've asked about adding an index to an internal table. Answer: "Create an index in SE11 transaction". Is this an answer? Yes. Is this the correct answer? No. (The answer is about a transparent table.) Would this be a good decision for a moderator to accept this question as best? No.

      I do remember an idea to restrict editing of the questions and editing of the comments that already have a reply. I don't recall anyone expressing desire to just disable editing altogether or to make it inconsistent (can edit a comment on an answer but not on a question).

      Edit: (oh hey, I totally can edit this comment! :) hm... ) just realized we can't delete the comment either. Even on Twitter we can delete tweets.

  • Posted on Sep 21, 2018 at 07:26 AM

    By the way, I managed to found at least one case, when I am able to edit my comment to comment to question:

    I am unable to understand why it's working here!

    Definitely a bug!

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