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Jul 31, 2009 at 11:08 AM

Only dual stack installations with PI and MI possible in the future?



I am just really confused about a thing that I was just reading.

In the installation guide for SAP NW 7.0 including EhP 1 there is written down that new dual stack systems only for SAP NetWeaver PI and SP NW MI (page 10).

- So is it true that there will be no dual stack installations possible if you are not using MI or PI?

- Does this mean that I have to decide if I want to use Java OR ABAP (or will there even be no ABAP Portal)

- If yes, how should I present my web dynpro 4 ABAP applications if I choosed a Portal with Java flavour?

-> Do I need another server for the WD4A-apps and connect this to the portal as a kind of presentation-layer-server?

Can someone see a strategy in this?

Thanks and sorry for the confused questions,