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Jul 31, 2009 at 09:23 AM

Roadmap for CR4E ?


Is there a roadmap for this product that SAP can share with the community?

I'm particualarly keen to get a feel for the length of time before some of the CR 2008 Designer functionality will find it's way into the API e.g. export to XML etc.

Another question, perhaps aimed at the wider community, will the API always be tied to the features available from the CR4E Designer?

The only reason we (and our clients) use Crystal Reports is because of its very rich and powerful Windows based designer - I'm talking about the CR 2008 Designer, not CR4E. The vast majority of our end users are more than happy to buy licenses of CR 2008 to enable them to create reports, given that the number of report producers in an organsiation is a small percentage of the consumers of those reports.

However, the problem we're constantly hitting is that the CR 2008 designer is way ahead of the JDK and for that matter, the .Net SDK. Users are creating reports that we can't actually run from Java or .Net. It is true to say that the .Net SDK is a long way further forward than the JDK and we can work around it's defciences but with each SP announcement, there doesn't seem any indication of feature gap-filling, purely bug fixes only.

A roadmap might give us all a better understanding of where SAP are going with this product - is it a real competitor for iReports? Is that their intention?