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Jul 31, 2009 at 07:21 AM

Embedding MaxDB


Dear Sirs,

We are interested in migrating from MSDE2000 to MaxDB, used as an embedded database. Our application is a shrinkwrapped server-side application, including all its dependencies (database, JRE, web server, everything) into a single .exe. Our customers can install our app on a new server in few minutes without worrying about other dependencies or internals.

The problem is that MaxDB setup (maxdb-all-win-32bit-i386-7_7.exe ) is 150 MB and includes everything, from db to drivers. We could try including only the database kernel (sdbkern.tgz, sdbbas.tgz), but I am afraid the license requires the software to be distributed only complete:

"i) you distribute the Software Product complete and unmodified "

This is really a showstopper for us to use this as an embedded database. MSDE2000 has about 30 MB, Postgres can be trimmed to 15 MB, FIrebird about 8 MB.

Ideally the license would be ammended to allow us fine grain control, file-by-file over what is included, as to have an optimized setup with minimum size.

I feel this is only a licensing oversight, should be easy to fix. Simply remove the "complete" word.