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Jul 31, 2009 at 04:16 AM

Deleting work items from SBWP


Dear experts,

i want to delete workitems from sbwp. As far as i searched the forum i found that it can be done in 3 ways. 1) By executing the workitem 2) by selectiing it and giving resubmission date as 31.12.9999 3) using SWWL. i do not want my workitems back and want them to be deleted permanently. so i drop the option of resubmission. Also i can't execute each and every work item. so i drop the first option. i tried with SWWL. but i am not able to correctly do it. Can u please tell me how to do it using this tcode. Also using this tcode will I be able to delete all workitems in a single shot as well as select only the workitems to deleted alone from the entire list of workitems and delete them alone. If there are some other better option to do this please tell that. Thanks.