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Jul 31, 2009 at 12:47 AM

RPC server unavailable


Hello All:

I know there are several post out there for this problem and I know there are fixes out there. But out situation is a little different I suppose. And we already tried the solution posted on note 833798, 824976 and several post previously and still unable to resolve this..

There are two building in the company that needs access SBO. And this problem only happens in 1 build which server does not reside.

SBO start just fine, it runs and everything looks ok. A add-on that use single sign on with getcompany() call starts and system crash. Not responding. When you force the application to close. A error message pop up saying RPC server unavailable.

This same thing happens when we trying to run any DI-API add-on such as DTW...

And everyhting works just fine on the other building. There is no fire wall between. There is a T1 line between the two building. From the network capture there is some kind of RDS package wrong format error messsage that coming back and forth.

If anyone have see something similar, I really appreciate any suggestion at this point!!