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Jul 30, 2009 at 10:02 PM

SOAP to SOAP w/o using the sender agreement


Question for you guru's.

I have a provider webservice running on ECC system A. I would like to make that available to my client application (outside of our landscape), however I would like to route that message through PI. I understand that in order to do that, I can provide the WSDL of the sender agreement to the client application and be done with it.

However, (and please correct me if I am wrong), I believe there is no way to control the binding information for the generated sender agreement service wsdl. The webservice and corresponding binding are generated for you and can not be altered. I can not find the service in SOAMANAGER on the PI box, nor does it seem to show up in SPROXY, or SE84. It would seem that we are defaulted to a username/password configuration without the ability to provide additional security to the message.

My question is, if we can not accept that level of security for the WSDL (can not use the sender agreement WSDL), what is the best approach to route the message through PI and call the service? The outbound interface must be webservice based so we can not change to a different protocol.

My initial thought is to create an intermediary webservice, one that acts as a 'gateway' into our environment. This second webservice would be responsible for basically handling the security requirements in our landscape, and once passed, would call the generated sender agreement WSDL on the PI box.

Also, in case you are curious as to why I just dont provide the WSDL for the ECC system, the requirement is that we need to route the message through PI.