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Jul 30, 2009 at 08:53 PM

Problem in Batch Determination


I think that I did all configuration necessaries but the batch determanation dont work.

In delivery on the screen Batch Determin. I can check that the condition record was found on procedure.

And in the log Log, i get :

Batch stocks are being read...

Batch 0000000112 Storage Location DC01

Batch 0000000180 Storage Location DC01

Batch 0000000210 Storage Location DC01

Batch 0000011815 Storage Location DC01

Search according to selection criteria...

Batch 0000000112

Batch 0000000180

Batch 0000000210

Batch 0000011815

MRP area check for batches...

Availability of batches...

Batches are being sorted...

So, after "MRP area check" I have no batch.

I did a test configuring in condition record (VCH1) the field SelectionType with option "O", then i got all batchs on the delivery.

In my Selection Class there are LOBM_LFDAT and LOBM_VFDAT.

Does anyone know why the batch determination is not working ?

Best regards.