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Former Member
Jul 30, 2009 at 07:35 PM

Job Spool ID non-existent for recently ran jobs


There is a job that is ran daily which generates a spool output each time. But for some reason, today's spool does not exist in tables TBTCP-LISTIDENT or TBTC_SPOOLID-SPOOLID. However, I can view the spool output in sm37 just fine. For previous runs before today, the spool information shows up in those tables as expected.

I've also tried running BP_JOB_READ, whose output JOB_READ_STEPLIST-LISTIDENT is initial. Again, for previous days it shows the correct spool id..

I need to access the spool output programmatically after it is created (but in a new program). I would prefer to do this instead of creating an enhancement..

Does anyone know what is going on here?