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Jul 30, 2009 at 05:14 PM

How to copy actual-->plan with deriving 0FiscPer from 0FiscYear+0FiscPer3


Hi Experts,

I'm quite sure that I've got a beginner-question:

I'm relatively new to the integrated planning functions of BW 7.

What I need to do is to copy data from a cube with actual-data to a planning-cube; at the same moment I want to change the year. So I tried to do that using the planning-function "copy" which seemed me to be made exactly for that purpose.

I flagged the InfoObjects 0VTYPE, 0FISCYEAR and 0INFOPROV as "to be changed" and provided the mappings in the parameter-section.

But there's one futher problem: I need to change 0FISCPER as well - here's an example:

Year, Per, Per/Year, VType, Qty

2009, 001, 001.2009, actual, 999

should become

2010, 001, 001.2010, plan, 999

So how can I derive the 0FiscPer-Char from 0FiscYear and 0FiscPer3 while using the copy-planning-function?

Or do I need to choose a different way in that case?

BTW: I even tried to kick the 0FiscPer from the aggregation-level but failed. Everytime when I tried to reactive the aggregation-level, the 0FiscPer (and 0FiscVarnt as well) got added to the aggregation-level automaticaly.