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Jul 30, 2009 at 02:19 PM

Programatically draw table row column in CR 2008


I have a web-based application written in .NET & CR 2008 and need to dynamically draw table/row/columns on CR report, in which depend on the amount of records/rows that the user input (each row has multiple columns). I generate these records as HTML strings and store into a paramm pass to Crystal Report. But some of the HTML tabs was interpreted correctly like , , but some does not, for instance the table tabs: <TABLE><TR><TD>....</TR></TABLE>.

My HTML param: "<TABLE id=Table1 border=2 bordercolor=BLUE><TR><TD>YOU ARE KIDDING ME ME ME </TD></TR></TABLE>"

I also did try to paste the HTML string above to CR's formula field and put it on the CR report under the design mode, and use the Text Format Property >> Paragraph Tab >> set Text Interpretation = HTML Text & also tried to set the X+2 formula to crHTMLText, but the table tags like TABLE, TR, TD ... weren't get recognized!!!!

I tried to avoid to use the CR's cross tab b/c my report generate base on the user inputs + extra calculations... Using dataset vs. table template will not help me in this case since I would lost control over the formatting data values for those dynamically rows & columns.

I am not sure if those TABLE, TR, TD,... tags are the limitation of CR's HTML text interpretation or something else? I spent TOO too much time reading/searching for help on the internet/forums, but there's no luck. One of the link in the forum pointed to SAP KB for the available tabs, but it was a broken link and could not find any info in CR's help document! PLEASE HELP!

Many thanks in advance for your help/suggestion.


--Iris 😔

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