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Employee Profile : Field as table layout on card?

Doubtful anyone will see this with the "new" SAP Community still making it difficult but here goes...

ECC 6.0 EHP7 (HR Renewal 2.0)....

I have added a new "card" to Employee Profile "Overview" via conifg (and BAdIs). I have fields displaying on the is correct...everything is fine....However, I now want to display the field in table format. Via "Create Configuration with Field Groups", there is actually a "display in table format" setting on the field that I can set that is suppose to do just this very thing (the IMG documentation for it shows exactly what I am trying to do). However, either there is a "bug" and this is ignored by the application or I am doing something wrong. Evern with this "table" flag set on my field, it still just wants to display the field in the usual "label/value" 2 column layout.

I cleared the cache (Gateway, backend and browser) and that did nothing. I debugged in Chrome for the frontend but could not find anything there.

I can work it out just as "label/value" but that looks really ugly. A table would be much nicer.

Any thoughts? Ideas?

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2 Answers

  • Nov 17, 2016 at 02:31 PM

    It looks like a "bug". I watched all entity sets (navigation, cards, card details/fields) created and passed back to the SAPUI5 app and NONE had any info for the app about "table layout". I am guessing this might be a holdover when it was used in earlier versions (WDA/FPM) though I did see where SAP addressed this as a bug when used with Talent (search note for "TM" and "display as table"). Over in the Employee Profile SAPUI5 app, it seems to have to handle this "manually" for specific use cases (for example, Comp History and displaying "social IDs" on the About card). Soooo without making modifications to the SAPUI5 app, I do not know what else to do. Thoughts? I did manage to get it somewhat working in the "2 column" layout as you can see in image here (which is nice because I do not have to code for label/value for each one and it can be VERY specific, business rules, etc...and let the BAdI decide which ones to display) :

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  • Nov 26, 2016 at 10:16 AM sapidb/011000358700000448282014E

    Make sure fields sequence numbers are set correctly.


    2182745 was released to read the role other than standard ESS

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    • To be clear, this is the "cards" for Employee Profile.....the UI5 app that generates them. I know there is a similar note for the "Talent" related cards, and yes, there is a FIX for that app to correctly generated "table layout" where needed. I think they just fixed it there and didn't think of elsewhere.