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Nov 16, 2016 at 06:25 PM

XD01 Customer Creation Address Validation/Update Issue


Hi All,

I'm having an issue with saving updates to the customer address (table adrc) done during address validation. A bdc is being used with SAPMF02D to create the customer. An example of what the bdc looks like is shown below:

During creation of the customer the address verification will occur via custom implementation of IF_EX_ADDRESS_CHECK~ADDRESS_POSTAL_CHECK.

At this point the address is standardized via 3rd party and fields are updated to reflect this. After the postal check is complete the X_ADDR_STRC is correctly updated and returned to standard SAP code for processing.

Generally during creation of a customer manually via xd01 this updated address will save, but during the BDC in our production system the updated/standardized address will not be stored. I'm having trouble pinpointing what is causing the issue in code and am hoping for suggestions. I've read as well as the note referenced within. Not much jumped out at me. Any advice would be appreciated.




xd01bdc.jpg (186.3 kB)
xd01stack.jpg (161.7 kB)
xd01stack2.jpg (507.3 kB)