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Jul 30, 2009 at 07:45 AM

Dictionary structure with reference to two transparent tables



I have a question about structures defined as dictionary objects.

Is it possible to define a dictionary structure consisting of the structure types of two transparent tables, i.e. to define a dictionary type that corresponds to something like this:


BEGIN OF ty_s_tablejoin,

tab1 TYPE z_table1,

tab2 TYPE z_table2,

END OF ty_s_tablejoin.

where z_table1 and z_table2 are both transparent tables?

I need it as a dictionary type in order to pass the structure/table into a function module as an input parameter.

There might be other ways of doing this, but it could be interesting to know if it is possible. Please excuse me if this is a weird question, I'm rather new with SAP.

kind regards

Klaus Stenbæ