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Jul 30, 2009 at 07:28 AM

Screen output without connection to user, Message struck at inbound queue



I executed inbound proxy form PI 7.0, the message was struck in the inbound queue of ECC 6.0,

with status text "Screen output without connection to user" then when I apply execute LUW then it is converted to

"ThiSend:bad tm type /connection closed (no data)".

when i test the same message from 'SPROXY' t.code, inbound proxy class was working fine.

I came to know that when we call an ABAP program in side a proxy then it will throw same error what I got by checking the below url


But in my proxy. I am just putting the data into z table and on some condition I am calling some other BAPI call.

Here my doubt is calling the SUBMIT for other ABAP program is same as calling the BAPI call?

because in the above thread clearly saying that don't use the other ABAP program in proxies. is the same case for calling the BAPI call into the proxy?

In proxy, the logic is I am just simply reading the data from IS(integration server, PI7.0 SP 18) to ECC 6.0(SP14) if the row is not there the data is reading into table. If row is already there then it is stuck up in SMQ2 (inbound queue) of the ECC

am I missing any basic things? please guide.