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Jul 30, 2009 at 06:05 AM

Best Practices for Naming Conventions - ESR Objects



As per the doc "Best Practices for Naming Conventions"

In this doc, we see there are no prefixes or suffixes like DT_ for data types, MT_ for Message types, SI_ for service interfaces OM_ for operation mappings (MM_ in message mappings in earlier versions).

but i have seen some people maintain these kind of conventions.

For larger projects, what is the best option,

A) to strictly follow the instructions in the above document and not to maintain the object type prefixes or suffixes.

B) or to have this kind of prefixes in addition to what mentioned in the naming conventions doc.

which is preferable, from point of long term maintainance.

i would appreciate an opinion/guideline from people who had worked on multiple projects.