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How can an Order gets delinked from the Delivery after the Delivery line gets deleted?


I have come across an issue where in Sales order is created and delivery is dropped for the sales order. Delivery line is 50 Qty , user deleted the line 10 from delivery doc level and updated the delivery with line 20 and line 30 - with 25 Qty each and saved the delivery.

After the deletion of the line in Delivery level , the Sales order gets linked from the DO and we can see only the doc flow starting with Delivery doc and subsequent shipment and billing docs? Does anyone know how can a line deletion in delivery level can cause to order gets vanished from the doc flow. We can't see the SO in the doc flow.

This is not SO to SO reference and there is no copy control set up for update doc flow . So I presume the issue is not with settings in config? Can someone help?

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3 Answers

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    Sep 15, 2018 at 06:01 PM

    (I have not read all the posts already posted)

    This is standard behavior.

    When you delete the line item in the delivery that was created with reference to the SO, then the link with the SO will get deleted. (assumption one 1 line item is created int he delivery with ref to the SO)

    In VL03N, input delivery, go to document flow, then you cannot see SO anymore.

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  • Sep 12, 2018 at 05:42 PM


    If I understood your query correctly. You mean to say that Let's say :

    1. Sales Order : 100000 is created with Line: 10 Material: ABC QTY: 50
    2. Delivery doc : 200000 is created with ref to above sales order and saved.
    3. User manually entered two more items let's say Line Item: 20 Material ABD, Line Item: 30 Material AAA
    4. Then manually deleted Line item 10 and saved the delivery, PGIed it and created an Invoice. Is it so? If yes, then this is the standard behavior of the system that if you go to VL03N > Click on "Display doc flow" Only Invoice number can be seen.
    5. If you go to VF03> Click on "Display document flow" Only delivery number can be seen.
    6. If you go to VA03> Click on " Display document flow" No subsequent document can seen.

    My question here, why does user manually enter material(s) in delivery document which is not in Sales Order? How will the reporting work?

    Best approach would be to add both materials in sales order.

    • Go to VL02N enter delivery number > press enter > (On Menu bar) Click on "Outbound Delivery" > Deliver Sales Order > Enter Line item Number From > To and press enter, material gets copied from sales order.
    • Delete Line item: 10. Perform PGI for rest material> Create Invoice. Check the document flow.

    Hope it helps.



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    • No , User first deleted the line 10 - Material ABC qty 50. Then added new lines - so it is line 20 - material ABC - qty 25 and line 30 - material ABC - qty 25.

      It does not matter whether user first deleted line 10 or added new lines in Delivery document.

      Invoice created - but invoice had a price error

      Pricing error should be checked via "Analysis" icon in Billing document item. Did you check that?

      Issue here is : Once the delivery line is deleted , the sales order of that relevant delivery is sort of knocked off from the delivery , so when you go to the delivery doc flow - you only see delivery and its subsequent documents.

      Absolutely, this is expected behavior of system and correct technically.

      User anyway did a mistake by deleting the line and adding the same line with 2 batches. But , I want to understand how can a sales order be removed from delivery if you delete the line from the delivery level. Even in VBFA tables - when you pass the delivery , the subsequent SO is not picking up. - Weird :(

      Will reply soon.

  • Sep 14, 2018 at 04:41 PM

    Sorry still I am not clear with your explanation.

    1. You have one sale order with 3 line items
    2. You create delivery by copying the sale order so that all the three line items from sale order would be copied
    3. You save the delivery
    4. Now tell me where exactly the deletion happens ? Sale order or Delivery ? If it is in sale order, definitely, system would have triggered some message stating that there is a subsequent document and my question, why that message has been ignored ??

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    • Hi Kamlesh ,

      Thanks for briefing it again, it is a std behaviour where in the system is breaking the doc flow chain , if the item reference has been deleted.

      @ Lakshmipathi - Looks like it is a std behaviour , if a line item is deleted in the delivery with is reference to SO , the link to the DO - SO is breaking , even though the delivery is later added with new lines.