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Sep 12, 2018 at 09:37 AM

Adding a new (standard) field to ME5A output



I am currently trying to add a field to the output of transaction ME5A.

It's a standard field (BISMT from table MARA), and the requirement is to fill this field - which I think I managed by using an enhancement point in report SAPDBBAM, as well as appending the field to structure CI_EBANDB.

But I don't know how to add this field to the output list.

When I search for similar questions, I often read about an ALV output, but in our system, it's still an old-fashioned output format, as you can see in the screenshot:


I'm supposed to replace the output field "Trackg No." by the new field BISMT, but I keep searching and cannot find the code where this list is created, not to mention that I also need to find an enhancement point which I can use to change the list.

So any help would be highly appreciated!

Thank you very much!



screenshot.png (39.1 kB)