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Jul 29, 2009 at 04:21 PM

Weird thing with Follow up Transaction


Hi All

I am having a problem with a follow up transaction, in that the texts for the follow up can not be maintained until I do a save.

I have enhanced component ICCMP_BTSHEAD.

I placed a button on the view called "create action". When this is clicked I create a follow up transaction and then navigate to the follow up transaction.

My problem is with the Notes view on this screen.

The drop down is populated with the correct note types. There are two notes relating to my follow. If I enter a text in the first note, then select the second note and enter text and then select the first note again, the text from the first note is gone and I have to enter it again.

Anyone come accross this issue?

Any suggestions as to how to fix it ?

Is this because I am navigating to the same component when I create the follow up.

Any help would be great.