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Jul 29, 2009 at 04:04 PM

BO uses connection or connection pool?


Hi, My client would like to know if we create crystal reports using Universe then what would be the process flow ( like Webi uses QT.dll to get the query and retrieve data) and if we will be using connection pool. We are on BOXI R2 SP3 and calling Crystal Reports using .NET SDK.

RIght now we have reports created using ODBC connections. So I assume whenever user runs a report then one ODBC connection is created by RAS and report is prepared.

We are using ODBC because Intersystems Cache Database can only be connected using ODBC DSN. We tried native driver and it had some issues though System DSN will be created with that too. So even Universe will be based on ODBC DSN.

My client thinks that if we create Crystal reports using Universe then we would be leveraging connection pool instead of one connection per report request. Connection pool will have less concurrent connections. We expect 3000 concurrent users.

I think it still would be the same as everytime RAS gets requests for a report then it will create a connection using Query from Universe and get the data. Closing connection at the end.

Please advice.