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Sep 11, 2018 at 02:35 PM

Reduce authorisation roles for PR release codes


Hi Experts,

We have multiple authorisation roles for PR release codes which we want to reduce.

Basically PR release strategy is based on the purchasing groups and each purchasing group has different approvers.

Lets take one purchasing group example:

Purchasing Group Georgia : Release group is G1

G1 has 7 release codes(L1 to L7) as Director, VP, Controller etc.

Here, we have created role for Director as "ZS_PR_REL_DIR_G1_L1" and assigned to User ID who is authorised to release PRs for purchasing group Georgia.

We did same activity for each role of director for each purchasing group. As we have total 15 purchasing groups I created 15 roles for Director and assigned them to different users.

In the same way we did for each release codes for each release groups.

So now my question: Is there any work around where functionality will remain the same but we can reduce the number of roles?

Thanks in advance,