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Jul 29, 2009 at 01:05 PM

stock value related to sales return


Hi experts,

When sales return, the return goods captures the current stock value after PGI. What's the system logic for that? U know, the customer wants it to capture the stock value of the responding sales delivery date.

For e.g., the goods (10 ton) is sold in June when the stock value is $10/ton. In July, 2 ton is returned while the stock value is $15/ton. According to the standrad system configuration, the return goods bases on $15/ton to calculate (accounting document in material document after PGI). But the customer want to base on $10/ton to calculate as to keep some financial reports balance.

In case the difference of stock value occurs, is it the only way to adjust material cost via MR21 & the difference of stock by KEU5?