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Nov 16, 2016 at 05:18 PM

Bean SMPP_CALL_JAVA_RUNTIME3 not found on host hostname, ProgId=AI_RUNTIME_PAP. in XI system


Hello All,

We are unable to start the system due to the below error.

**** Trace file opened at 20161116 174828 CET, by disp+work
**** Versions SAP-REL 742,0,400 RFC-VER U 3 1667017 MT-SL
======> Bean SMPP_CALL_JAVA_RUNTIME3 not found on host hostname , ProgId=AI_RUNTIME_PAP : Exception during lookup operation of object
ABAP Programm: CL_MAPPING_XMS_PLSRV3=========CP (Transaction: )
Called function module: SMPP_CALL_JAVA_RUNTIME3
User: PIAFPAP (Client: 500)
Destination: AI_RUNTIME_JCOSERVER (Handle: 3, DtConId: 582C459D3ACA1720E10080000A8B450B, DtConCnt: 1, ConvId: 27112463,{582C459E-3ACA-1720-E100-80000A8B450B})
EPP RootContextId: D995F9D1AAC411E69E4176873F956902, ConnectionId: 582C29D96E380CF0E10080000A8B453C, ConnectionCnt: 1
EPP TransactionId: d995f9d1aac411e69e4176873f956902
SERVER> RFC Server Session (handle: 1, 27108421, {582C1BB1-6DC1-1960-E100-80000A8B450B})
SERVER> Caller host:
SERVER> Caller transaction code: (Caller Program: SAPLIRFC)
SERVER> Called function module: TRFC_QIN_DEST_SHIP

Please help us to advise us the below issue.