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Jul 29, 2009 at 09:42 AM

Composite Roles



I've tried searching through the forum, and could not find my answer, so hope this is okay to ask. I've recently started a new project, and they strictly use composite roles. We are on ECC 6. I notice when they change a role on Dev and move to Q and Production, they only modify the single role, and only that role in the transport, even though it is part of a composite. My experience with composites was that the composite needed to be moved as well, is this not true for ECC 6? I could not find info in the help, I've just observed my team mates(we work different states) moving single roles that are part of a composite, and wondered if ECC 6 allows this? This is my first project with composites,and what little I've worked with them, we had to do the complete(composite and single) set of roles. Any info would greatly be appreciated.