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Jul 29, 2009 at 06:52 AM

Unable to cutomize the Standard Leave Application through NWDI


Hi All,

I am facing some problems in an attempt of customizing the standard Leave application using the NWDI. The standard SAP Leave service has been customized as per the requirement, However now there is another change to be made to the application. These are some problems faced during the course:

1. Once I switch into the DC perspective in my NWDS and try to import the configuration to make a change in the application, there are multiple Tracks made in the name of Leave, which is causing ambiguity in finding out the correct one. Is there any way of finding the correct track which needs to be used and how???

2. After importing a DC and when I right-click on the DC and select create project, the project is done and when I view it in the WebDynpro perspective there are a lot of build errors given and also in the code, there are some errors for the imports.

Kindly let me know why is this happening and how can it be resolved.


Poojith M V