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Jul 28, 2009 at 02:24 PM

SES not pulling correct price when adopting from Contract


When doing a service entry sheet against a Limit Purchase Order and

adopting a service master from a contract the price that is being

pulled into the SES appears to be from the last purchase document

instead of the specific contract line item that is being adopted. When

we adopt a service master line item from a contract for say $4.00 we

are expecting $4.00 to be populated on the SES. Instead we are seeing

a price of $3.00 which happens to be the price of the last purchase

order where this service master was referenced. How can we get the

system to pull in the service master from the contract with the

contract pricing?

Steps for Reconstruction

1. Select Contract from which to Adopt Service Master - the user is

doing a service selection and choosing to adopt the pricing from

Contract 5600000119, line item 2.

2. Select Services to Adopt to SES - the user identifies which

Service Masters they wish to adopt on the SES. Note the cost is $4.00

for each of the first two service masters and $6.00 for the last one.

3. Adopted Service Masters come in with incorrect pricing - once

these Service Masters are adopted from the Contract to the SES they

come in with incorrect pricing. $1.75, $3.00 and $1.75 instead of

$4.00, $4.00 and $6.00.