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Jul 28, 2009 at 02:02 PM

Automatic determination of Tax departure cntry according to ctry of saleord


Hi SAP Guru,

My client needs an additional requirement for determination of VAT within SD. During the Intercompany sale more companies are doing direct shipment. Hence I want to capture the country of sales org, country of sending plant and destination country of ship to partner in sales order processing.

Company Code CH02, Sales Org CH02, Plant CH70 will take order from Customer 2267 (SE) and Company Code BE03 and Plant BE26 will delivery the goods to customer 2267 on behalf of CH02.

The standard VAT determination is Dept Country/ Dest Country, Domestic taxes and Export taxes. I want to extend access sequence with field combination of Country/ Dept Country/ Dest Country/Cust tax/ Material Tax which I found very feasible. My sale order determine the Tax departure country as country of delivering plant according to standard SAP thumb rule and Tax dest country is country of ship to party.

If I able to make tax departure country is country of sales org which should determine automatically will solve the requirement. I tried several option in determining ..i) removed condition requirement (10) for MWST ii) Put several attempts in finding suitable Userexit. iii) Userexit_save_document, userexit_source_determination etc. But failed.

Ultimately my mind runs on some logic is the sales oder should check for country of sales org and country of plant, if it is different then tax departure country field should pick country of sales org. please give me valuable suggestions.